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This book has wit, charm, heat and a nice amount of cheekiness-(see what I did there?) Treat yourself this holiday season, and pick this one up. I cannot wait to get my hot little hands on more by this author.  

                                ~Stephanie,   Amazon


What a delightful story by Pippa Greathouse.I was captivated by Merrie's antics.   Donna L  Amazon.com

Fun second book of The Strasburg Chronicles. It can be read as a stand alone also. Some suspense and danger. A few spanking scenes. Really good, funny romance story. Great follow up to book one
Must read
  Cindy, Amazon.com
Absolutely loved this sexy love story. 

I will continue to follow this series for sure.
  Kluv2read, Amazon.com

"Spring days as a child meant new adventures, spent with notebook 

    in hand, soaking up the warm  

         sun, and writing about people 

           I might never meet, and 

              places I might never go." 

I love these characters! The loving relationship that grows between Angelica and Geoffrey is heartwarming. Geoffrey 's love for his Angel is tender and caring but he is also firm and has no problem taking his fiery redhead over his knee when necessary.
Angelica 's Rescuer" is a sweet love story set in the 1850s. Along with the well written romance there is also danger and intrigue to keep those pages turning.   I highly recommend "Angelica's Rescuer" and look forward to reading more books by Ms. Greathouse.   ~Tess, Amazon


Angelica's Rescuer.   Angelica is forced in to a marriage, but finds true happiness. I love how the hero and heroine learn to understand, love and help each other. Greathouse is a brilliant author and I can't wait for more books by her.

                                       ~A Reader, Blushing Books

​"It is pure magic to cuddle up with a

     cup of hot tea and a good book on a

wintry afternoon..."

​What people are saying about the books of Pippa Greathouse!

I want a Francis!    What a lovely book. Francis Adams sets his heart on Merriweather Thatcher from the moment he rescues her as a young teenager. When she returns from school at eighteen he determines to make her his. But Merrie turns out to be quite a handful. This is an amusing tale of a doting but trying to be strict husband and a well meaning but often naughty wife who gets into all sorts of trouble! Great fun!

 A sassy and funny feel-good book

I did not realize when I read this book that it was the second book in the Strasburg Chronicles. It reads very well as a stand alone book. Having said that, I enjoyed the book so much that I am anxious to purchase book one, as well as anything else I can get from this author. 

 This book is creative, funny and sweet - a feel good read.   ~A Reader, Blushing Books



Pointy ears and horns turns into the perfect hero for Angelica. Geoffrey (love that name) has his hands full trying to keep his wife safe, but it's a challenge, what with highwaymen attacking, stern school teachers threatening and a brothel supplier on her tail... which he keeps warm when needed. Greathouse does an excellent job weaving her story.    ~Cajunreader, Amazon 

​Pippa Greathouse

There is mystery, danger, twists and turns that keep you reading till the very end. There is a lot of love and of course loving discipline. This story is one of the best I have read in a while. I found it amusing, sad, interesting and intriguing. I am putting Pippa Greathouse as an author I will look for and since this is book one I can hardly wait for the next one. I voluntarily reviewed this advanced reader copy and found it to be one of the best books I have read all yr. I enjoyed it immensely
if I could give this book 10 stars I would....

​                   ~Charlotte,  Blushing Books