​Book Three: "Cinderella's Lawman" 

​Pippa                            Greathouse 

him again; Ever.

​    Now, coming home from school six years later, she was shocked, to not only find out he wished to see her again, but that he also wished to marry her!

When he explained to her on the day he proposed, that he thought she needed the discipline of a husband, Merrie was furious, and decided she might never marry. ​Period.  However, as she rethought her ideas on marriage, another plan was hatching; an attempt at evil, and Francis seemed the only person who truly cared about her safety.

     Merrie only wanted one thing from Francis; his unconditional and everlasting love.  However, she began to believe, as time went on, that she would never hear those precious words.    

     Or would she?

                "​He might have pointy ears and horns, for all I know!"

      ​Angelica Dawson was extremely upset when she realized her Uncle had plans for her to marry a total stranger.  She would be leaving the only home she had ever known; the servants she loved as family, for a place she'd never been and a man she had never met.

     ​After meeting him, she was even more distraught. He seemed to have a very long list of things he considered to be unacceptable behavior in young ladies. But if he thought for a moment that his new bride could be easily molded into the girl he desired, he was much mistaken, for she was as determined not to be "tamed," as he was to "tame" her!   

​Book Two:  "Merrie's Hero"

                ​Lucy Grace Kennedy had met "Billy the Bully" Becker, the first time when she was seven, and lost in the woods. But he had been kind, and had taken her home. She would never forget his kindness, and he would never forget her belief in him.

     Now, eleven years later, she had come back to Strasburg from Art school, determined to try to make a living in the town she called home.

     Billy, now the Deputy Sheriff and known as William, ​was well respected in Strasburg these days. He had grown up; he was not at all sure, however, that Gracie had. In spite of her long golden hair and beautiful blue eyes, she had come back as saucy as ever. She was full of attitude and carried a mouth full of unladylike language;  something that William was not at all inclined to put up with.

     And Gracie was about to find that out.

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​"Macie's War"

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​​​           ​Feisty little schoolteacher Cinderella Barton was getting extremely tired of Deputy Henson Andrews telling her what to do! Since the first week she had arrived, he had lectured her on safety, constantly.  But the more he threatened, the more she ignored him.  On top of that, she feared for her safety at the home of her landlady, and was forced to flee, in the middle of the night, in fear for her life.

    ​  When gunshots began to fly around her, and a Grizzly stalked,  Henson became even more determined for her to mind him.    Who was behind this? 

     Henson was only too willing to put his own life in danger to save Cinderella's.

     But could he find her before it was too late?   

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​Date of Release: April 13, 2017

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​"The Return of Lucy Grace"

​Book Four of "The Strasburg Chronicles"

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​     ​​​​​Mer​riwea​ther Thatcher had adored Francis Adams since she was a little girl; at least until the time he scolded and swatted her for running out into the street after her puppy and nearly getting herself killed. After that, she never wished to see

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"​The Strasburg Chronicles"

​Book One: Available now!

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​Writer of Romantic Historical Fiction

​         ​When Macie Welles followed her aunt's wishes in intercepting a letter to General Howe in January of 1778, she barely made it back alive.  She did not know that she would be captured, trying to hide the letter, by one of General Washington's most trusted and fierce men, nor that she would be accused of being a spy for the British.  Or, that her whole life was about to change.

​     Captain--soon to be Major Jake Wilde, forced to take her into his tent and strip-search her, had no idea, as he looked down into the dark eyes of this golden-haired young lady, that she was about to steal his heart.

​    Was she truly a spy? Could he possibly save her from the fate that awaited her now?

​     Or was it too late?

   Pippa Greathouse

​Book One: "Angelica's Rescuer"