​​​​​​     It was February of 1865; The Civil War had gone on for five years now.
      Flaxen haired and blue eyed Miriam Hanner Clarke had been widowed at age 28, when Burton had gone to serve in the Civil War and was killed in battle. But she had filled her days of dealing with his loss by working in the dormitory, which had been turned into a hospital. No longer the quiet,  shy, stuttering girl she had been when she arrived, Miri was now a competent young woman who was determined to ease suffering any way she could.
      But she was certainly unprepared for the challenge of caring for Captain Nate Alley, the recipient of a gunshot wound, now under her care.
      Captain Alley had no patience for being injured. He was quite accustomed to being in control and in charge, and having others submit to his leadership. When challenged by this tiny stubborn, independent young woman who was half his size, his first instinct was to put her over his knee. Growing stronger each day, he was just as determined that she would submit, as she was not to.
Who was going to win this battle? ​

Note: This is the last book in the Strasburg Chronicles, and has appearances by Angelica, Merrie, Cinderella, and Lucy Grace in it!

 ​Romancing the Coast

Book One:

​Seeing Ronnie

The Simon in Charge Series!

1) Simon Says

2) Winning Sadie

​3) Sadie Says I Do


​"​​Her Chance Encounters"

"The Royal Psychic"

​"Haunting Memories"" 

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​Libby Campbell!

"​Real Reality"

"Talk Dirty to Me"

"Cajun Charmer" 

Book Five: Miriam's Story

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​​Sadie Malinda Nelson, with her curly blonde hair and light green eyes, was an extremely independent young lady. Orphaned three years earlier, she was about to finish up her masters degree. But she was quite unprepared to awaken in a world two hundred years earlier, on the morning of the first New Madrid earthquake. Nothing looked familiar, until she looked up into the eyes of the man who rescued her from the storms and floods. His voice, when he said, “I have you,” for the first time, at once mesmerized and comforted her. She knew that voice. Didn’t she? 

Aden Barrett was an estate owner, who had brought an unconscious Sadie to the house in his arms. Her dress was tremendously unladylike, and when he had to clap his hand over her mouth as she spoke for the first time, he realized this beautiful young woman had a mouth on her like a sailor at sea. 

Sadie was terrified at the thought of having to try to adapt and was determined to get back home, in spite of leaving the family she’d grown to love. She knew Aden was trying to help her. Even so, she was determined not to learn the skills she needed to remain here. And Aden was determined that she would. Even if it meant he would need to discipline her in the process. 

Publisher's Note: Sweet time travel romance, containing strong 1800s style discipline. If this is not to your liking, please do not read.


The wonderful ​Ruby Caine and I will be working hard, on a project we just know all Historical Fiction readers will love!​​ I'm so excited! 

   Ruby is the very talented author of :

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​"Macie's War"

"​The Strasburg Chronicles"

​I so hope you enjoyed this

​series of books. Miriam's Rebirth completes the last of the series--But!!

​Don't despair. Cissy and Polly, the mischievous twins of Cinderella and Henson, will be all grown up in the next series of books, and are already whispering about the troubles they plan to get into!

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​​​                ​Lucy Grace Kennedy had met "Billy the Bully" Becker, the first time when she was seven, and lost in the woods. But he had been kind, and had taken her home. She would never forget his kindness, and he would never forget her belief in him.

     Now, eleven years later, she had come back to Strasburg from Art school, determined to try to make a living in the town she called home.

     Billy, now the Deputy Sheriff and known as William, ​was well respected in Strasburg these days. He had grown up; he was not at all sure, however, that Gracie had. In spite of her long golden hair and beautiful blue eyes, she had come back as saucy as ever. She was full of attitude and carried a mouth full of unladylike language;  something that William was not at all inclined to put up with.

     And Gracie was about to find that out.

Publishers Disclaimer: The Return of Lucy Grace contains stern discipline of a rebellious young lady. If this is not to your liking, please refrain from purchasing this book.

​​​​         ​When Macie Welles followed her aunt's wishes in intercepting a letter to General Howe in January of 1778, she barely made it back alive.  She did not know that she would be captured, trying to hide the letter, by one of General Washington's most trusted and fierce men, nor that she would be accused of being a spy for the British.  Or, that her whole life was about to change.

​     Captain--soon to be Major Jake Wilde, forced to take her into his tent and strip-search her, had no idea, as he looked down into the dark eyes of this golden-haired young lady, that she was about to steal his heart.

​    Was she truly a spy? Could he possibly save her from the fate that awaited her now?

​     Or was it too late?

"Spirits of the River Oaks" Series

 I cannot wait to get my hot little hands on more by this author.  ​ 

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 Her newest:

​"Taming His Creole Beauty"

"​The Katrina's Aftermath "Series 

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 Book Two:

​Holding Cynthia

​          Book Four:

​"The Return of Lucy Grace"

​Time For Change

"Making the Wright Connections" ​

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